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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Know the exact live location of your WhatsApp contacts

As indications of the existence of a new WhatsApp feature began to appear that we could lose the little intimacy we have in our real-time location , a lot of debates began about the limits that Facebook should impose. At this point, it should come as no surprise that these types of functions are integrated, however, no one is grateful that Facebook has this information.

And that, even knowing that in many cases our location is already being compiled. The problem, is the way it is done. Right now, WhatsApp has given its users a new reason to worry about. Starting today, iOS users will be able to share with their contacts in real time from the same app , without having to resort to third-party solutions. With a couple of touches, our relatives, friends or acquaintances, will know the place where we live.
Is a function like this really necessary?

Right now, many users are receiving the new feature without having to perform an update through the App Store. As indicated from the Twitter of WABetaInfo, the change is being made in a silent way, so that it is possible that you can already use this new functionality. To check, you simply have to enter a conversation, touch the attach icon, choose location, and choose "Real-time location". This time, fake locations will not do any good.

Now, you will have to judge what is the proper situation for the use of this function. Personally, I do not conceive a single moment in which it is appropriate, unless it is an extraordinary emergency in which it is important to share at all times where one is. However, for such cases there are already apps like "Find my friends", and I do not think WhatsApp, with Facebook behind, is the most appropriate to offer an alternative.

And you, what do you think might be the perfect time to use this feature?

Source | WhatsApp Blog 

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