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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Latest Whatsapp news, we tell you everything we know

The truth is that one of the criticisms that has always been Whatsapp has been its lack of activity in terms of updates and new features that introduced in its application. Meanwhile, we saw how their competitors included more and more features, but incomprehensibly, removing the honorable exception of telegram, did not do damage to the Whatspp guys. This situation has undoubtedly changed in recent times, especially as a result of Facebook's purchase of Whatsapp. That is why, more and more frequent updates of the application that bring us large and juicy news. That's why we will review the latest developments that will bring us Whatsapp soon.

Payments with Whatsapp

If something seems to have taken off in 2017 in the world of smartphones is the ability to pay in physical stores with him. That is why it is perhaps that all conventional banks have launched their applications to allow payment through the mobile. This has clearly contributed to the increased safety of NFC terminals and fingerprint readers. That is why Facebook does not want to be left behind and it seems that Whatsapp will be the application chosen to implement Zuckerberg's mobile payments. Payments with Whatsapp are going to be a reality very soon.

The old camera icon will be deleted, and the payments icon will appear instead. With one touch, you can access this interesting feature , which will allow you to have this kind of PayPal integrated into WhatsApp.

Redesign of Whatsapp emojis

Often times to keep expectant users the least flashy changes are necessary. Therefore, one of the innovations that will bring us the next version of Whatsapp will be the redesign of the emojis that are used within the application. It is not a big change, it is not even a functional change or novelty but of course many will be dedicated to reviewing Whatsapp emojis one by one to see what's new.

Voice calls in whatsapp groups

WhatsApp wants to improve the groups . It will add voice calls to them, something that we do not know yet how it will work, but that looks very good.

In addition to this, the administrators will not be able to eliminate the creators of the groups , something that had been bringing problems for some time. The WhatsApp team claims to be aware of the relevance that groups are taking, so they ensure that they will gradually improve them . We already said at the time that Whatsapp was becoming a social network rather than a simple communication tool 

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