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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Moments, the application that helps you control your mobile addiction

It is undeniable that our mobile phones have gone from being the almost luxury object they were 25 years ago to one more complement. In addition, the functions they perform are so many and so varied that we can not do without it.

Therefore, more and more cases of addiction, known as nomophobia, are reported . We have all gone through that situation to leave the phone at home, even for a few hours, and feel empty, defenseless, ultimately vulnerable .

All this is due to having the world under our thumbs, that is to say, a door to the internet that allows us the communication, consultation and the need to continuously trastear the different social networks . The cases of nomophobia are not only exclusive to adolescents and young people, people of adult age are anxious when they reach their pocket and miss their most precious asset.

Therefore, it is important to establish rules that can be useful to our magnificent allies and not to become a heavy chain. For example, make some rules such as not being able to consult phones and tablets while we eat, turn them off at night and resume using the alarm clock . Having moments of virtual disconnection favors family life and makes us less dependent. We will also thank you without hesitating our view .

From here I want to recommend a mobile application that monitors the daily use you make of your smartphone. This app is called Moments and gives us many advantages. It is highly recommended if you believe that in certain circumstances you unlock many times the screen , most are knowing why not for what. It has its free version, which is more than enough to control the daily time of use, and making a payment of 4.49 euros offers more complete functionalities.

It allows you to set daily usage limits, from which an annoying notification will appear on the screen reminding you that you have exceeded the time. It also tells you how many times you've unlocked the screen , the results are often surprising.

For the most brave and brave there is a challenge called "Phone Bootcamp", which proposes you for 14 days a series of tests (from reducing the number of applications, turn off notifications, turn off the phone for 30 minutes a day in times of "traffic ", etc.). The only glitch that I find this application is that currently is only available in English, although it is not difficult to get an idea of ​​how it works .

Are you able to test yourself?

I have been using the application a few months and it is true that there are days that for certain circumstances I spend more time than I have set and I have to give more margin, but I think it has helped me realize that we can make smarter use of our devices mobile phones . It comes very well to have a moment of disconnection, our smartphones make our lives easier and we do not need to be so long and so outstanding .

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