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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

New Apple Watch Straps Will Fit Alone

The company of the bite apple has been granted a new patent of several types of belts that will be self-adjusting. They could be automatically tightened or loosened to fit the wrist perfectly .

The patent, formally referred to as U.S. Patent No. 9,781,984 , "Dynamic Adjustment Adjustment for Portable Electronic Devices," discloses a belt that goes far beyond simple rubber or leather materials. Instead, Apple seems to be interested in a system where users can electronically adjust the tightness or flaccidity of their watch belts, either manually or automatically in response to biometric data.

The patent suggests different ways of adjustment, including a shape memory cable that could expand or contract with electrical signals , that the belt would be filled with some kind of fluid or gas, a kind of ears that could be retracted in the body of the watch to a better fit. There are several possibilities that could materialize.

Obviously, this is only a patent for now, without real evidence that Apple will materialize into a product that can finally be purchased. But considering the importance of a good fit on the watch is a factor to keep in mind, it is interesting that the company carry out this project. We remember that Apple wants to start a path of health monitoring of its users , in such a way that the Watch would be an important part of this.

The new Apple Watch, apart from an improvement in the processor, is oriented on the mobility feature, and that function is none other than LTE connectivity. The company launched a powerful marketing campaign at the end of summer invoking the ability to get rid of your phone while listening to your favorite music and see important notifications on your wrist.

What do you think about the idea? Do you think it could be carried out? We await your answers in comments.

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