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Monday, 2 October 2017

One cable to charge them all (your Apple Gadgets)

The phrase that we have adapted today to title this article is the most curious. It is really strange to see how we adapt certain things from different worlds of fiction, to apply them in ours. But this phrase was great for us to introduce you to the accessory that we present today , as part of this small weekly section that we have been preparing for some time in iPadizate to always find the best products and apps, such as Instabridge , which we have already spoken to you.

And is that, an accessory can be most useful at any time, right? Depending on the accessory with which we equip our device, we can do certain things better than ever, or even give our gadgets the ability to achieve new capabilities. It is something like an RPG game, in which we have to choose the equipment that best comes to our character, only this time, the character is an iPhone, and his weapon, a cable of the most special .

Go closing the drawer of the cables, because you will not need it anymore

Surely you have wished to be able to put some order in the cables of all our devices, and that is that the drawer of the cables, that small alternative dimension designed to function as pocket Doraemon, will not work forever, and at some point you will have to organize it . Or maybe you want to have a single cable for everything, which is always good for travel, times when the situation of not having the one we need is more frequent than ever.

That is why today we bring you a perfect cable to solve these types of problems . With it, you can upload, or access data from multiple devices at the same time. You can connect either a device with Lightning, such as iPhone or iPad; as one with USB-C or MicroUSB. You will no longer have to assemble a list with all the cables you need, because with only one, you will have them all. If you are interested, take a look here , sure you like!

And you, how do you manage to organize all your cables?

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