Only one photo will convince you that the iPhone X is the best phone -


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Friday, 20 October 2017

Only one photo will convince you that the iPhone X is the best phone

We are sure that many of you are suffering as you await the arrival of the great day. That time Apple finally end up with the green light of the iPhone X. And we can not even imagine how much you want to arrive on November 3 , day in which, with a little luck , you can take the glove to one of the first terminals. If so, this article may make you a little easier to wait.

Not only because you will have more information about the iPhone X , you want it not, it is always welcome. But rather because you will have the opportunity to see it in family, and to find out for yourselves that the only phone worth buying this year is the new flagship Apple. The truth is, they are making me want to buy even me, although luckily I do not think it will happen.

A family photo weeks before being officially released 

Yesterday, a photograph was published in Reddit that, if it were for its content, would be riddled with hundreds of negative votes for its quality. But what does that matter when we can see, for the first time, the tenth generation of the iPhone in its entirety , with its three members, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. And it takes only a glance to know that something is not going well . It's just amazing the difference between them, and it's not exactly good.

We have said it several times, but we will not tire of repeating it. While it is a really important improvement for the iPhone in terms of hardware, it is not so much if we talk about design, and if we compare it with his older brother, then we do not want to buy it. With a family photo like this, it is almost better to wait for next year, to see if they are able to put some order on the line.

And you, what do you feel when you see the "family" reunited at last?

Via | BGR 

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