Problems continue with iOS 11 beta 1 -


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Monday, 2 October 2017

Problems continue with iOS 11 beta 1

Apple launches the public beta version of iOS 11.1 as customer complaints continue mostly because of the rapid download of the battery. applications are also reported. The Californian company launched its iOS 11 update two weeks ago with a number of new features. But users are reporting a significant drop in performance after the upgrade .

Applications take too long to open or completely crash when loading The company released an update, iOS 11.0.1 , last week to address some of the bugs and Apple has released the first public test version of an 11.1 update to its iOS software on means of increasing users' complaints about the software.

However, it seems that many users are still experiencing problems ranging from app failures to restarts, including crashes when launching the camera app, which has led Apple to issue a "beta" update of an 11.1 version of controversial software.

Beta testers who have signed up receive the iOS 11.1 beta update via OTA after installing the appropriate certificate on an iOS device. Those who want to join the beta testing program can sign up for Apple's beta testing website , which gives users access to iOS, macOS and betaOS betas.

It has only been a week since Apple launched iOS 11, but amid complaints that the battery runs out quickly , random blackouts and phones that are now "stuck in applications," the company has already released the first update.

While it is unclear which bugs have been specifically addressed, some iPhone users have reported that the improvements so far appear to include the problem of battery life . Since the release of the new operating system, unhappy users have made one thing clear: iOS 11 is a battery tragedy .

But that's not the only problem. Others have reported that the system is generally unstable, leading to problems with Apple Pay, TouchID, and iMessage. That's why we want to know if you are having problems with iOS 11 or if you do not go as fine as you should. We will be happy to read them in comments. See you soon.

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