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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Real Case: How My Apple Watch Saved My Life

Today we tell one of those stories that come to the heart, and never better said. A Twitter user's Apple Watch has been able to save his life . Let's see how it has happened and who is its protagonist.

Well, this person, named James Greent and from the New York borough of Brooklyn, has posted a message on the little bird's social network saying: " I never thought that a stupid little doll computer I bought two years ago would save my life. She saw my rate of ️ ❤ rise, ended up being a pulmonary embolism . "

On October 7, the pulsations of this young American rose to 189 ppm, a very dangerous figure and alerted James that something was not right in his body . Moved to a nearby hospital the diagnosis was fulminant, an embolism.

Fortunately it has managed to recover and the reflection we can make is that technology can sometimes be very useful in health issues. The truth is that it is a palpable sample of how these watches so fashionable can serve to alert us of anomalous situations and that can put our life at risk.

Apple has become interested in health and how your watch can help . Tim Cook also recently said in an interview with Fortune that Apple was surprised to know how heart rate monitoring in Apple Watch is already helping.

" Many people collect data with the Apple Watch and notice something that does not work and then go to the doctor for review. A not insignificant number has discovered that if he had not gone to the doctor, he would have died, "Cook said.

From here we celebrate this news and we hope that this device can continue to help anyone who needs it , a life saved is a victory . 

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