Reserve a table in your favorite restaurant without leaving Facebook Or ask! -


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Reserve a table in your favorite restaurant without leaving Facebook Or ask!

Facebook has set out to reach more and more. Not content to have bought WhatsApp long ago, or wanting to be the new Tinder , expands its tenacles in other types of tasks .

Today we know a new functionality of Mark Zuckerberg's powerful social network. Whether you use your mobile application, or the browser, you can make reservations at any restaurant or even get to place an order.

" We've been testing this from last year, and after responding to comments and adding more partners, we're deploying across the United States on iOS, Android and desktop, " said Alex Himel, vice president of Facebook local at a press conference of launching. " People are already going to Facebook to find restaurants and decide where to eat or where to order food, so we're making it easier ."

As you can see, this system is already being implemented at a high level in the United States, although we have done the test in Spain and yes we have been lucky , at least for the option of doing table reservation.

At the moment we do not know what answer will have this option, which seems like an achievement given the implementation of Facebook in our territory. It would have to make a gap between next to the almighty TripAdvisor , that offers a similar service and that is completísima in this aspect.

If you wonder why you would not use an application of these services or restoration chains, to begin with, we do not have a great answer as to why the small Facebook shortcut would be better. It's a bit faster if you're already on Facebook , and it's a good introduction to some of the services that users might not be familiar with.

Facebook in Spain reaches many age ranges, but has a great success among middle-aged people , who may not dare to experiment with other applications. If the blue network is offered this service, they will be more faithful to it.

How do you see this new functionality? Do you think it will be successful?

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