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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Return the App Store to iTunes

Sometimes Apple decides to make updates to its programs without telling anyone or doing it in a very discreet way. This time it has touched on iTunes, which has received a major update that has not been made too noticeable . Anyway, there is a reason why it has not been announced as a hype and is that this update is older than the current version of iTunes, we talk about 12.6.3.

This new - and old - version of iTunes integrates features that were deleted in version 12.7 . According to the same Apple, has been released because "some business partners may need to install applications from iTunes," giving us a clue as to what we can use that we do not have available in the most current version of iTunes. It should be noted that this can be used by everyone, regardless of whether you are a "trading partner" of the company .

Download iTunes 12.6.3 

Installation packages for MacOS and PC (32 and 64 bit) are available for download from the same Apple support page . Once installed, many users will need to re-order, download or make their iTunes library, since it can detect that the data on the computer are a more advanced version, certainly a great nuisance necessary if we want to continue installing applications from our iTunes .

As Apple explained in September, iTunes 12.7 was released with the goal of focusing Apple's popular application on multimedia content such as music, movies, television series, podcasts and audiobooks, enough reason to decide to remove the App Store from the application. Unfortunately for many, iOS ringtones are not included in this list , so they can not be purchased and downloaded from the desktop application.

The "new" version of iTunes is fully compatible with iOS 11 and all new iPhone (iPhone 8 to iPhone X). It is not yet clear how long they will offer version 12.6.3 , and the company does not offer support for this version either, but for those who need this function to work or to do certain tasks more easily, this version of iTunes will serve perfectly until the company offers an alternative solution.

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