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Monday, 30 October 2017

Samsung and Google happy for the success of the iPhone X

You finally booked the iPhone X , the most expensive smartphone in the world, but you may have had trouble getting one in time for Christmas . Apple must love the fact that the iPhone X sold out in 10 minutes around the world.

Some of its biggest rivals must also appreciate the success of the iPhone. One of them is Samsung, responsible for manufacturing the screen of the iPhone X , which is the most expensive component of the new phone . The other part that should be happy to see people buy the iPhone is Google.

Like Samsung, Google is a fierce competitor to Apple. But unlike Samsung, it has a serious reason to hate and love the iPhone.

Google has to pay billions of dollars for the privilege of being the default search engine on Apple devices . The latest estimates indicate that the iPhone search agreement is 3 billion dollars for Apple, and Google is ready to pay that tax.

In fact, Google has just confirmed that traffic acquisition costs (TAC) will increase due to "changes in partner agreements", and it is believed that Apple is the main partner.

There is no new estimate of the Apple-Google agreement, and Google never mentioned Apple in its report or earnings comments for the third quarter. But Business Insider claims that one theory says that the TAC increase is the result of a new agreement with Apple .

" The growth of the TAC continues to outpace the growth acceleration of Google sites, due in part to recent changes in partner agreements (allegedly Apple) ," Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said in a note to investors.

Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter said that while he did not find a direct relationship with Apple, the increase is " clearly very likely from the mobile and Apple in general ." He thinks that " it is not an existential threat, but it is a cost that will continue to increase ".

Google's TAC reached 23% of Google's total advertising revenue in the third quarter of the year, 21% more than in the same period last year. Google reported $ 28 billion in revenue for the third quarter of 2017. Almost a quarter of that represents the TAC.

A Bloomberg Businessweek report from not so long ago reported that Google investors may be worried about the TAC, which is why Google is looking to make more of its own hardware. The Pixel 2 series, however, has just shown that Google is not ready to become an iPhone rival .

Ironically, Apple seems to be making more and more money from a company whose business model is selling user data to advertisers, something that Apple criticized for several years.

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