Sell ​​your privacy in exchange for an Apple Watch -


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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sell ​​your privacy in exchange for an Apple Watch

The truth is, there are already very few companies that do not take advantage of the power given them by the information society to improve their products. Not only to sell products more suitable to our needs, but to do so in a way that makes them profitable. So far, insurers have been plumbed in this regard. We know that as soon as we neglect, they will try to control all aspects of our life, so, not to damage their image more than necessary, they take it with tranquility.

Or at least, that's what they did until not long ago. Now, it seems that the pull that some wearables are having like Apple Watch, which received its third version last month, is allowing them to launch new services to the market. Proposals that take advantage of the information that these new devices provides. And, of course, they do not to lower their current prices, or at least not to do it in a traditional way. Now, they have adopted the "poisoned gift" strategy with the help of Apple.

Or you exercise regularly, or pay Apple Watch, you decide 

An American insurer named John Hancock has decided to create a life insurance policy specifically designed to work hand in hand with the latest technology. The service, called Vitality, offers its users the possibility of getting an Apple Watch for just $ 25 , a price well below the official price. In return, you will have to meet the exercise goals marked in the program. That yes, we all wish it was an iPhone X , but for now is not the case.

If you do not meet the conditions established in the program, you will have to pay the clock in monthly payments. This implies that we will always have to carry our watch to record every step we take. The bad side is that, in part, we would give up our own privacy ; the good news is that we would have an incentive to do something as healthy and beneficial as regular exercise. We will see if proposals similar to Spain arrive, and if they do, they are as "attractive" as this.

Source | CNBC 

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