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Monday, 23 October 2017

Sharing and collaborating on Garageband with iOS 11

One of the most interesting new features of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra is the option to share documents . The functionality allows you to create almost any type of file, and collaborate with other users.

This useful feature can be used for a simple Pages document, or a complex song in GarageBand . In theory, the file should be updated in real time , so you can work on a project without having to send hundreds of emails to your teammates.

In this article we'll explain step by step how to collaborate and share with GarageBand on iOS 11 with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Sharing a song with GarageBand

1. Create a song as you normally would, by pressing the "+" button on GarageBand and recording some tracks.

2. Then return to the main menu.

3. Press and hold your finger on the song.

4. Press the button in the form of a cloud.

5. Click on the "Load song in iCloud" option.

6. Wait for the cloud to rise.

Important: To make the option available, you must activate the GarageBand application in the iCloud Drive services from Settings.

Sharing a song using Files on iOS 11

From now on, the song will appear in the Recent section of iCloud Drive in the Files app. From here, you can share the contents of your musical creations with your friends and family.

1. Go to Files.

2. Access Recent or Explore.

3. Search for your GarageBand song file.

4. Keep your finger pressed on the song.

5. Click on the "Share" option.

6. In the iOS 11 extensions select the "Add people" function.

7. Choose who you want to include in your project.

8. Choose a method to share (we recommend iMessage).

9. Enter the receiver data and send the file.

Although this feature will allow you to share all kinds of content and documents with other iOS 11 users, it is possible that not all the changes you make in your projects are synchronized . This is due to some issues related to iCloud . But in theory it should work perfectly. We hope this tutorial has helped you!

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