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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Should Apple include the fast charger on the iPhone?

It is well known that Apple puts a lot of energy and focuses on creating an incredible user experience with its products and services , and this can be seen in many ways through Apple's ecosystem of hardware and software.

However, one area where Apple has continued to offer a "poor" experience is the charging solution it includes with its iPhone.

Apple's "best not to do first" philosophy usually serves the company well, though it can often make Apple fans eager for new features. But not only is Apple the one that goes late with the features like the fast charge , but in my opinion, it's also giving its customers a worse experience compared to companies like Samsung and Google.

Fast charging has been available on Android phones for years. So how do you compare the new fast charging function of the latest iPhone with other phones? Not very well, in some ways .

First, most Android phones include fast charging with the device. Apple charges € 59 for its 29 W power adapter and another € 29 for the USB-C cable to Lightning . You can opt for a third party charger to save some money, but Apple does not give you the solution when you should.

Charging tests confirm that using a 29 W or higher power adapter with an iPhone provides 50 percent or more battery boost in 30 minutes , Google's new Pixel 2 can gain 7 hours of use phone in as little as 15 minutes with the included 18 W power adapter.

We also find that Apple's 12W chargers, the iPad, which cost € 25, will charge an iPhone 8 battery 26 percent more capacity than the one included in the box, only 5 W.


When you spend 1000 euros on new smartphone, it is really out of place to have such a poor charger. I think Apple should include a 29W USB-C power adapter with its latest iPhone. In this scenario, Apple might include a USB-C to Lightning cable with a USB-C to USB-A male to use the cable with other electrical chargers .

Another more cost-effective option for Apple to enhance the charging experience would be to at least include the 12W power adapter with the iPhone . This would provide almost the same fast charge as with a USB-C adapter, but at a lower cost to Apple.

What do you think about this? Are you annoyed that Apple still includes a 5W power adapter with its premium phones?

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