Siri is clear: "Despacito" is the official anthem of Bulgaria -


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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Siri is clear: "Despacito" is the official anthem of Bulgaria

We confess it: trolling Siri is one of our greatest pleasures . What's better than trying our favorite virtual assistant and finding unexplained holes? Do you remember what happened when you said random numbers? .

Well, today Siri has surprised people and strangers with a very funny but very unintelligent response . To the question: What is the anthem of Bulgaria? Siri has responded that it was "Despacito", the song of the summer of Luis Fonsi. The Verge has published it and we have shared it in a video. That yes, unfortunately only works in English.

Hey, Siri, what is the national anthem of Bulgaria?

Actually, as reported on CNET, it's probably due to a bug, but it does not stop us jaw-dropping . How can I make such a mistake by relating a hymn to a summer song? The fact is that the search is so simple that it surprises Siri to come out with this answer. Go to Google and in just a few seconds you will get the title of the Bulgarian anthem.

If you have looked for it, you will know that the national anthem of Bulgaria is "Мила Родино" which translated into Spanish comes to be "beloved country" . Come on, that neither Bulgaria can be confused with Luis Fonsi nor "Despacito" with something related to loving a country.

But Siri has decided to rewrite the story in favor of the hit that has hit us to exhaustion in the summer months. Is it because the music is similar? Let's see:

Mine is not music, but I would say that very similar sounds do not sound . Will it be a bug in the Bing search engine, which was until now Siri's default search engine until last week, when it was changed by Google? We left the mystery in the air waiting for a solution.

We expect Apple to take action on the issue to resolve this bug that may lead to international conflict . 

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