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Sunday, 22 October 2017

So different is the camera of the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 6s

Whenever a new generation of iPhone passes through our hands, we can not avoid comparing each of its sections with their rivals and younger siblings. The camera is one of the most important points in a smartphone today, but the iPhones are so good, we can not help but wonder, is it really noticeable the quality leap between each generation?

As we also ask that question constantly, here we leave a comparison between the camera of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 8 , the last terminal launched by the Cupertino.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 6s 

Before going into detail, let's review the features of both cameras. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 6s have 12 megapixels in their rear camera, the new apple terminal would bring a larger aperture, staying with f / 1.8 , and the iPhone 6s with f / 2.2.

Touch the images that we leave here to see them in higher quality !


Left iPhone 6s | Right iPhone 8

The first thing we can see in all the photos taken by an iPhone 8 is the great detail of the photograph . Everything looks perfectly captured on the screen, with virtually no blurred edges or poor quality.

The iPhone 6s, on the other hand, takes photos with a lower level of detail , although they are still quite surprising to this day.

Low light conditions 

Left iPhone 6s | Right iPhone 8

This is probably the section in which the iPhone 8 will take all the applause. Thanks to its f / 1.8 aperture camera, this terminal can take pictures in dimly lit scenes. Therefore, we will see more detailed images and practically no noise, even when there is not enough light in the composition.

The iPhone 6s does not do a bad job in these same conditions, but the difference is notorious just to take a look at the photo.

Color and temperature 

Left iPhone 6s | Right iPhone 8

If the previous point was totally positive for the iPhone 8, this is not so much. Although the iPhone 6s behave more unstable in low light conditions, it is able to capture the colors correctly, giving a very natural feel to the image .

Nevertheless the iPhone 8 goes totally another way, highlighting colors here and there, resulting in a somewhat oversaturated image and high contrast in some occasions.

In addition, Apple's new device tends to take overly warm images , unlike previous generations in which the result used to have colder tones.


The iPhone 8 came to dethrone any other mobile device on the market, including its younger brothers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The camera is one of its strongest points, but on some occasions may be overshadowed by that of its predecessors. While the iPhone 6s kept a slightly more natural temperature in the photographs, the iPhone 8 tends to deviate to warm tones. This may not be too important, but it is an interesting fact to keep in mind .

Colors aside, the iPhone 8 is probably one of the smartphones with the best camera in the market, which is not surprising thanks to the fame that have carved the Cupertino in this aspect.

Do you have an iPhone 8? Let us know in the comments what the terminal looks like so far!

Via | Business Insider 

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