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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

So easy is to get the code to unlock your iPhone

In the full debate on whether facial recognition is a good substitute for fingerprint recognition technology, a new problem has appeared. This time, one that makes us even more suspicious of passwords, if at all possible. True, if we know how to create passwords that are strong enough, and we do not let ourselves be fooled by cybercriminals, it may still be the safest method for many of us. However, it is becoming more complicated to keep us safe .

As some of you will know, phishing is something that is continually being delivered on the network. For those who are not familiar with the term, phishing is, in short, the act of supplanting the websites of certain companies in order to obtain different data. Like your password, for example. The point is, they are usually fairly simple to detect , but these cases that we show you today are especially "good" for what we are used to.

Hackers want access to your iCloud account 

Security researcher Feliz Krause has published a report that shows how easy it is for developers to create a window similar to the one our device shows us when it wants to confirm our iCloud password. Apparently, it is not particularly tricky to trick the user by using a third-party app notification. The user, accustomed to Apple, would enter his password without thinking, and would leave it on the tray to the hackers.

However, there are some tricks that will allow us to know if it is a false notification or not. And we recommend that you learn them by heart to avoid a possible displeasure. First, you can close the notification and go to the Settings app to find out if the system was asking for the real password or it was a false warning. You can also press the start button, and if the notification is closed, then it was a phishing attempt. It is not too complicated to keep our keys safe, but we always have to be cautious to avoid falling into traps like this. Maybe the iPhone X allows us to forget about them once and for all.

And you, have you experienced a situation similar to this? Have your keys ever stolen?

Via | Fortune 

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