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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Spying on WhatsApp is possible thanks to a bug

WhatsApp is news again, not just because it has fallen . The matter is much more serious and more serious. There is a security hole that lets you know when you are using the application and with whom .

Anyone who has a computer with an internet connection can use it to spy on you. We know that this application shows the last connection time or whether or not you are online . The first can be hidden, unlike the second, that while we are online it will chivar to all the others.

This, which has nothing wrong or should not be a danger, can be exploited by someone who wants to spy on us , as it gives a clear pattern of the hours we use the application. We are very many that we take a look at WhatsApp before going to sleep and wake up.

An engineer named Rob Heaton is the one who has taken advantage of this data to demonstrate the malicious uses that can be made of them . You have created an extension for the Google Chrome browser and it is very simple, they are only 4 lines of Javascript language.

Through the web version of the application you can get to monitor the activities of a user , with whom he talks and at what times.

What is the code of this extension? 

How do you send a fake location in WhatsApp?

By connecting the time of a user's connection with that of their contacts, it is possible to determine who the person is talking to. This data, so easy to obtain, can be used with malice or inappropriate purposes . We can set the example of a person who spies at what time his partner talks to his lover, if we get into detective plan.

This bug not only affects WhatsApp, but also other messaging applications like Facebook Messenger or Telegram . We hope that the affected companies can patch up quickly if we do not want to see divorce suits in the courts.

Source : adslzone.net 

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