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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Stickers come to WhatsApp

Does anyone remember SMS? Well, if you were born around 90, you'll probably have a fuzzy memory of them. It is a technology so "obsolete" that many do not remember how to leave tens if not hundreds of euros when we wanted to talk to someone . Of this about 15 years ago, but along with the arrival of smartphones, came instant messaging for phones.

WhatsApp was the application that changed everything, completely overthrown the traditional mobile messaging system and today few people do not use this app. Unfortunately for the WhatsApp team, some applications are getting ahead of schedule and therefore many people are migrating to these other apps . That's why, in WhatsApp do not stop appearing new features and features to counter their rivals.

Stickers come to WhatsApp (a bit late) 

Thanks to WABetaInfo we know this, the stickers in WhatsApp are real . Pretty soon, WhatsApp might be able to integrate Facebook stickers inside the same application.

Nor did we have much information about this except for a little mention of the stickers in the changelog of the new version of iOS 11 . Anyway, WABetaInfo assures us that we can insert stickers as if Facebook Messenger were . 

Taking into account that WhatsApp was bought by Facebook does relatively little , it is not crazy to see that the stickers that will implement in the application are the same as found on Facebook. Obviously, at first we will have few available, but as time goes by we will see new packages that we can use freely.

Yes, we already had this in Telegram, in addition in that app we can create our own packs of stickers . The truth is that we do not know if it will be possible to create such packs in this new version of WhatsApp, but certainly would not be a crazy idea.

Anyway, we do not have an official date for the arrival of the stickers to WhatsApp, but it is likely to be in quite a bit, remember that it is a function that already exists in Facebook Messenger. Who knows, maybe someday decide to unify Facebook chat with WhatsApp .

Do you think the new stickers are useful? Tell us about it in the comments!
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WhatsApp Messenger

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