Stormbound: Kingdom Wars, an exciting game to discover -


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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars, an exciting game to discover

Dive into the Stormbound kingdom, plan lethal strategies and battle for dominance and glory in Kongregate's latest game called Stormbound: Kingdom Wars . Here's a mix of strategy and collectible card game where you'll compete with players from around the world in real-time battles.

Stormbound uses the same tactic as Titanfall: Assualt but with a change. This game continues at a slower pace, but is consistent in what it is offering . You'll face your opponents on a gridiron board in this turn based game where your ultimate goal is to destroy the bases on the other side. The player who destroys the opponent's base first, wins .

All you have to do in the game is to keep the enemy far from your fortress . Make the health of the opponent's fortress zero and you win the game. Display each of your troops on the deck according to your abilities.

Your units can only be deployed on empty tiles behind the front line. When it is your turn, place the unit card on a tile behind the front line and make your move. When your units advance in the battle zone, your front line does too. When you are finished with the movement, your turn ends. All your units advance one step each time you start your turn .

Look at the strength icon to see how strong your units are in the field, while the speed icon on the card shows the number of tokens that the unit moves during playback. The combat begins and the troops fight as the units move to a tile with an enemy. In combat, both sides lose strength until one of them kills the other and wins .

To make the battle of the first category, you can also replace one card in each game by dragging the card to your deck on the left side. Play games against other realms and collect your cards . Challenge other players, use your card collection to edit, upgrade and create covers.

Winning the bout will unlock new cards , so make sure your army is stronger than ever. Earn cards like Execution, Bladestorm where you inflict damage on all enemy units and structures, or Ebonrock Fort. In addition, you can collect rewards after completing your daily quests.

To level up in the game, collect more cards. Your health base in the game also depends on your level, how much higher is the level and how much health is much better. Dare to discover this exciting game, surely you will not regret it .
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

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