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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Taking your license? Download the best apps for iPhone and approve the first

Just started classes, work, the daily routine in short. Again, after adjusting to our usual situation, we feel like learning new things, and trying to go further. If one of the objectives that you have set for the next months is to get your driver's license , then maybe we can help you to carry it out. Take a look at the applications we propose today, perfect to debut your routine, and your new iPhone 8 .

Dr. Driving

This app offers us a fun way to learn how to drive gradually interactively. Of course, it will not serve us too much when it comes to passing theoretical exams, but it will help the knowledge needed to coexist on the road with other drivers to assimilate more quickly. After all, games always help make the time better, especially if it's free as a Dr. Driving.


If you are looking to test your knowledge, TodoTest is the app you are looking for. This application allows you to access hundreds of theoretical exams that will allow you to know if you are ready to take the step to pass 12 different types of tests, including not only driving licenses, but also points recovery tests. Although we hope the latter will not need it.

Traffic signs - Spain

In road safety, if there is something we should always have in our head, other than how to use our vehicle properly, is the meaning of traffic signs . This system of indications allows us to move in an orderly way at all times, and it is imperative to obtain our license, but if you need help to learn them all, this app will be very helpful with total security.

2017 Driving School

If what you are looking for is a comprehensive solution to obtain the driving license B, then you may want to take a look at this proposal. With this app, you can turn your learning into a game, and even, you can compete with your friends to find out who learns faster. 

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