That the iPhone X runs out in minutes does not mean it's a success -


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Sunday, 29 October 2017

That the iPhone X runs out in minutes does not mean it's a success

Yesterday Friday, Apple allowed users from 55 countries to start booking their flagship model for this year 2017, the iPhone X. A week later, that is, next Friday, November 3 can be picked up in stores. However, those who wanted to receive the tenth anniversary iPhone on that date had to move quickly: the initial supply ran out in minutes .

According to CNET, only 10 minutes were enough for some models to start appearing with a shipping time of two to three weeks, and only half an hour for all models of US operators. UU. To show delivery times, they are already up to the level of AirPods at the time, up to six weeks .

Does all this mean that there is a massive demand for the iPhone X, compared to the usual iPhone launch frenzy? Not necessarily. On the one hand, Apple has not said how big the initial supply is .

Analysts have suggested that the initial execution would only be between two and three million units. The iPhone 6, in comparison, sold 10 million units in its first weekend of launch.

According to reports, the company has had production problems with the iPhone X , related to the delicate manufacturing process of its facial recognition modules: the possibility of logging into the phone when looking at it is one of its biggest innovations, not to mention which is the star

Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this week that the company is " working as hard as possible to make as much as possible ."

Bloomberg reported that the company was able to accelerate the production process by degrading the accuracy of the phone's Face ID mechanism , but Apple issued a rare rebuttal of that report, insisting that it was completely false .

It will be expected how this launch will behave at the level of experience for users . Expectations are many and all eyes are on him. Will it disappoint?

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