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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The 10 things that stink about iOS 11

There is no denying that there are some very useful new features in iOS 11 for iPhone. But there's no denying that Apple has some things that are not quite TOP with the latest iOS update.

3D Touch

In iOS 10, when you played 3D in the lower left corner of the screen, it allowed you to quickly switch from one app to another. If you pressed more, the application switch was opened. Unfortunately, Apple eliminated this impressive feature in iOS 11, and it was intentional. Apple claims that it will return in a future update of iOS 11 , but only time will tell.

The wish list of the App Store

If you've added any paid iOS apps to your favorite list before, you'll no longer be able to access that list on iOS 11. You will not even be able to add apps to your favorite list. And the final blow is that the new iTunes 12.7 was automatically updated to completely eliminate the App Store. This means that you will not be able to access your previous wish list unless you change your iOS version or descend to a lower iTunes .

There are no third-party applications in the Control Center

One of the most impressive updates of iOS 11 is the redesigned Control Center that allows you to add additional controls through the Settings application, such as Screen Recording and Notes. However, this is limited to Apple software .

We would love to see more in the Control Center , like searching for a word in my dictionary application or searching for a password in any application. Since this is only the beginning of iOS 11, it is possible that Apple could open the Control Center to third-party applications, but for now nothing at all.

No quick adjustments to edit control center tiles

One thing missing from the new Control Center and highlighted is the omission of an "Edit" option like the one shown in the Today view for widgets. This way, you do not always have to go to Settings> Control Center to add, delete or reorder Control Center icons, you can only touch "Edit" from the Control Center itself to be sent right there.

Confused connectivity controls

Another problem with the new Control Center is the connectivity controls panel. Previously, when you pressed Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, those settings were disabled. Now, when touching them, they simply disconnect from the current device or network , respectively. To deactivate them, you must go to the Settings application or activate Airplane mode.

The most hidden auto brightness setting

While on the subject of what is missing in the Control Center is somewhat patent, Apple must add an alternation to turn on and off the Auto-Brightness. That's the least they could do, since they hid the Auto-Brightness preference in the Settings application .

New Notifications Center needs to be polished

Why does my pop-up notifications screen now look like the lock screen? Why do my notifications only appear partially when I slide down from the top of the lock screen? Why is there no way to reject the lock screen cover without pressing the power button? Too many unanswered questions .

The volume icon remains a problem

When you open the Photos app and a movie is played, the volume icon still appears in the middle of the video, and lasts (and annoys) quite a while. We do not know the reason why Apple does not shorten the time of appearance or puts the icon in a more discreet place .

There are no group video chats on FaceTime

We expect Apple to continue working on this because we should not have to use third-party applications to fill that gap. It would be quite surprising to start a FaceTime video chat directly from an iMessage group chat, right?

Sources of great title in applications

If you do not know what we're talking about, remember what the Music app looked like on iOS 10. Remember that "Library" and the other tab names are in large bold print at the top of the screen . It is now standard in most Apple applications, such as messages, mail, settings, notes and more. Many people do not find it adequate, although it helps with accessibility .

We know that there are many more things that are not quite right in iOS 11, so we are preparing another delivery with everything we do not like about it . What are yours? Leave them written in comments. See you soon!

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