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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The 13 most amazing tricks of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

When Apple introduced iOS 11 during WWDC 2017, the company unveiled the most important functions of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, the latest version of Apple's mobile software contains little details and hidden features that have not been officially revealed.

From CydiaPlus we have thoroughly explored the internal iOS 11 system to offer you a compilation of the 13 most useful and amazing tricks for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Selfies on FaceTime

The iOS 11 update offers a screenshot button in FaceTime that will allow you to take "selfies" in your video calls in a much more efficient and clear way, since the function automates the process so that the result is well focused.

2. Organize multiple applications

With iOS 11 it will also be much easier to organize the icons of your applications on the home screen of your iPhone. Just keep your finger pressed on an app, and hold, press other apps to add them to a group that you can move where you want.

3. Access Notes Quickly

The iOS 11 Control Center is fully customizable, and now lets you add the Notes application to access it quickly from Settings> Control Center .

4. Tips for saving storage

Apple now offers some tips and recommendations so you can save storage on your device from Settings> General> Storage of iPhone (or iPad): unused applications, photos, iCloud, iMessage ...

5. Reading without an Internet connection

iOS 11 allows users to read content from their favorite blogs by activating the "Safari" option in iCloud and configuring the Safari settings in the "Save Offline" function.

6. Disable App Ratings

Apple has limited application appraisals from the App Store, from Settings> iTunes and the App Store you can disable "In- App Ratings" so they do not bother you again.

7. Automatic video playback

The App Store has received a complete redesign in iOS 11, and now automatically plays applications and games videos for iPhone and iPad. But you can disable the option in iTunes and App Store settings.

8. Write to Siri

One of the most interesting new features of iOS 11 that not many users know is the ability to write messages to Siri instead of using the wizard through voice commands. You can do it via Settings> Accessibility> Siri> Write to Siri . Ideal for work meetings and library studies.

9. QR Code Scanner

Another of the most anticipated and most useful functions of iOS 11 concerns immediate access to applications, web pages and products through QR codes . The native Camera app on your iPhone and your iPad will automatically recognize these QR codes . It ended up having to download applications for it. Great!

10. Document scanner

And speaking of scanning ... iOS 11 also provides the ability to scan documents and projects from the Notes application. Without a doubt, this is a really useful functionality that will be of great help to iPhone and iPad users.

11. Create PDF documents

Now it is possible to create PDF documents directly from Safari, simply by pressing the iOS 11 extensions button (menu to share contents) and press the "Create PDF" option .

12. New chat effects in iMessage

The iMessage instant messaging application from Apple received a great update on iOS 10 with features such as Digital Touch, Freehand writing, Emotion, Tapback reactions, App Store applications and special chat effects. And now with iOS 11 the company has added two new effects: Eco and Focus . Try them, you'll like them!

13. Emergency SOS

Apple has integrated a new procedure to call emergency services through an SOS call. If you need help from firefighters, police or rescue services in an accident, you will have to press the on / off button of your iPhone 5 times in a row .

And these have been the 13 tricks of iOS 11 that most surprising we have found of iOS 11. Of course, the latest version of the company's mobile operating system of apple bite has many other very popular features , but these hidden tricks are not so in sight. What trick did you like the most? Did you know these functions?

Via | Mashable

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