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Saturday, 28 October 2017

The 3 horrible features of iOS that Apple needs to improve

Let's be honest, although iOS is our preferred operating system, the truth is that it is not perfect at all. Despite the constant updates made by Apple, and that these reach a large part of the devices active at any time, Apple still has several things to polish . Today, we bring you three of the main functions that should be improved in order to give iOS that difference over its rivals that it needs so much in a competitive panorama as the current one, where the iPhone X could stop being the king.

While it is true that they are not really essential functions, the truth is that they are somewhat untapped. Either because they have not worried about them, or because they just do not work as they should, we believe that these are three of the features that deserve more attention from the iOS development team. And it's hard to believe that in iOS 11 you still allow things like this.


First of all, surprise, we have the iOS Reminders app. Personally, it seems to me that this is the default app with the most potential , however, Apple does not seem to intend to implement significant improvements. And no, I do not mean slight design changes, but updates that allow you to be on par with other alternatives available in the App Store. As it goes, it will eventually merge with the Calendar app.

The iCloud keychain

The iCloud keychain is really practical, since it allows us to have our passwords anywhere without having to worry about a certain app supporting a specific extension, or installing a specific application. However, that's where the good stops. I still do not understand why Apple has not stopped to think that maybe they might be interested in a similar function to Windows users. On the other hand, I miss the lack of a "safe zone" where you can save documents and protect them with Touch ID, something like Samsung Knox,

Unlock the Mac with your Apple Watch

In this case, we find the classic function really promising, which ends up staying in a want and I can not . Not only does it not allow us to log in instantly, something that could be done relatively easily, but also the Mac has to correctly detect the Apple Watch. That is, if you try to log in before your computer recognizes the clock, you will find that you have to enter the password. Is it so complicated to make it practical and safe Apple?

And you, what functions would you add to the list and why?

Source | MacWorld

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