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Monday, 16 October 2017

The 7 most hated features of iOS 11

Apple recently released the latest version of its mobile software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are some details, at aesthetic and functional level, that make iOS 11 the best operating system in the world . But that does not mean that there are other details that we have not liked so much ...

In fact, the apple company has already released several updates such as iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2 to correct certain problems that has caused the operating system.

Perfection does not exist, it is unreachable. Creating an ideal software is impossible. In this article we will tell you all about those features, features and benefits of iOS 11 that need to be improved for future updates.

Control center

There are a couple of things in the redesigned Control Center that we did not like because they make the user experience worse. One of them is relative to the iPhone, and another only happens on the iPad.


It is very useful that the Control Center occupy the entire screen, the elements of your user interface are much more organized and it is easier to access them. Not to mention the customization wonders of the iOS Control Center 11 . But there's a problem. After activating the Control Center, many times, when users try to disable it by sliding their finger from top to bottom, the Notification Center is activated by mistake . Very good Apple, very good. Of course, it can also be disabled by pressing once on top.


On the iPad, the iOS 11 Control Center also occupies the entire screen, but shares it with the App Switcher and the Dock. So the Control Center buttons are cornered on the right side, both horizontally and vertically . This makes the experience of using it not so smooth, especially if you are grabbing the iPad with two hands.

App Store 

The iOS 11 App Store has redesigned its user interface with fabulous new features. We love the new app store! However, there are always details to polish ... and one of them is the organization. Let's not fool ourselves, the organization of the App Store, despite being more clean and minimalist, is terrible. It is very difficult to find the categories of games and applications, or find the tops of free apps, etc. You have to go down and down until you find what you are looking for. Long live the scroll! Not to mention the withdrawal of the Wish List we talked about in the 10 things that stink about iOS 11 .

Drag and drop 

Drag and drop , especially on iPad, is really useful. It allows you to move elements such as files, photos, videos and texts from one application to another in a very convenient and efficient way. However, the implementation of drag and drop has its complications. For example, now when you keep your finger pressed on an app it takes much longer to start vibrating (about 1.5 seconds) to remove or move it. And the same thing happens with links and images. If you want to access a link in a new tab, or save an image to your iPad, Drag and drop of iOS 11 delays the action too much.


This problem is probably one of the most annoying of iOS 11. The multitasking of iOS 9 and iOS 10 allowed users to access several applications simultaneously by sliding their finger from one side to activate Slide Over and then invoke the Split View to activate Split Screen. Now it works in a very different way. The iOS 11 Multitasking can only be activated from the Dock . This causes users to have to add all applications that support Multitasking to the Dock. And you can not force users to this kind of thing. There should be an alternative method as useful as making the Dock appear anywhere.


It's not a specific issue for iOS 11, but it's still quite uncomfortable. And is that Apple has not provided any method to disable the iPhone Flash from the lock screen . Unless you use this feature with the Control Center open all the time (and without turning off the screen). Why not simply disable it with one of the volume buttons?


Among the most interesting new features of iOS 11 we find a feature that allows users to edit screenshots much more quickly. When you take a capture, a small thumbnail floating window of the image that you have captured appears. But this feature can not be disabled , and maybe for some users (among whom I do not find) is somewhat annoying. There should be a setting setting to disable this feature.

Via | Gadget Hacks 

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