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Saturday, 14 October 2017

The 9 classic games you need on your iPhone

The App Store is constantly updated with all kinds of new features , including games with the most advanced technology and the most spectacular graphics.

But the best games do not have to be the most recent ... In this selection we invite you to discover up to 9 classic games ideal for iPhone and iPad . The games of your childhood!

These retro games belong to very different categories, so surely some of them sure is to your liking. Shall we begin?

1. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic 

Live a roller coaster of sensations with this fantastic game in which your goal will be to create and manage an amusement park. Very funny!

2. Recolor - Coloring Book

Drawing applications may seem especially designed for children ... But nothing further from reality, they can be a great alternative to relax and get away from the world for a long time.

3. Pac-Man

If we talk about classic games ... you can not miss the Pac-Man list. The coconuts of a lifetime, go. One of the most popular video games in history.

4. Snake 97

Oh ... what a time those! With Snake 97 you will relive the magical moments of your childhood (or adolescence) while playing the snake on your Nokia. Highly recommend!

5. Final Fantasy VI

The 1994 game of the Final Fantasy saga came with a perfect fit to mobile devices. Live the iconic Final Fantasy series and feel the same emotions as when you first played it.

6. Watchi

There was an official Tamagotchi game on the iOS App Store, but it was retired in Spain. However, you can continue to enjoy your virtual pet with this great alternative.

7. The Oregon Trail

A very addictive retro game in which you will have to build a city in the Wild West. Hi-Yo, Silver!

8. Cluedo

Clue is a classic game for iPhone and iPad that offers the mythical scene of so many series and movies ... A great mansion, lights going out, a murder ... and many suspicious ones.

9. Sink the fleet

Finally, we recommend you download this fantastic game "Sink the fleet" in which you will have to shoot down your opponent's boats.

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