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Monday, 16 October 2017

The best app to take advantage of the Virtual Reality in Apple

We already know that iOS 11 is loaded with many spectacular things, and that virtual reality applications are likely to be the company's strongest bet .

AR Dragon is the most downloaded free application that requires Apple's ARkit, according to a new analysis of the best applications using the new augmented reality software .

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to see virtual elements in the real world. ARkit makes it easier for application developers to put things like virtual dragons at the top of the lists , or allow the iPhone camera to act as a rule or level.

The Sensor Tower analysis tells us that it is one of the first Arkit applications that is doing well. Applications that focus on an augmented reality full of experiences and have been downloaded 3 million times since September 19 agree.

53 percent of the downloads have been for games, according to the analysis of this blog, including "AR Dragon", which allows users to train a dragon mascot , a more updated version of the old Tamagotchi.

Let's tell you a little bit about what this app is that has become the queen of the App Store . Discover and care for your own unique pet dragon:

    Each day, the dragon gets bigger and bigger.

    There will never be two dragons alike.

    Play with your dragon to make sure they are having fun. Do not let him get bored.

    Be sure to feed him so he will never be hungry.

    It is very flirty, collects more than 20 unique hats and fancy furs to dress it.

All dragons are different and you will never find two dragons with the same look or the same effects. Come on, you can not ask for more of this application even though it's free. Do you think these applications of augmented reality are a revolution? Are you ready to try them? Well, we await your comments. See you soon!

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