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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The best idea of ​​Samsung of all time: copy the iPhone

We do not want to bore you but the war Apple vs Samsung has the look of being eternal . In the last battle, Samsung just got to re-judge what Apple won in the 2012 trial. At the moment, Apple has more than 1 billion dollars as compensation because the judges gave the reason on an undeniable fact: Samsung copied the iPhone .

But then, the Koreans were able to reduce the damage to 400 million dollars and now, back to judge. A brilliant strategy that shows that copying the iPhone has been the best that Samsung has done.

A 132-page document from Samsung shows how the company is asking its phones to look more like the iPhone . Obviously for some time the paths of both manufacturers in terms of design have separated, but the resemblance in the beginning is undeniable. In fact, the iPhone is the reference that inspires several manufacturers.

But copying the iPhone has taken them to where they are , to be the manufacturer that sells the most and be on top of smartphones. So it was a master move. By the time Apple sued them and started this eternal war, Samsung had already achieved its goal of positioning itself as top of the range. During the process, Koreans have gained millions and millions.

So as the lawsuits and judgments came in, Samsung stood up denying the obvious and began to develop his own path on a basis born of blatant copying. And it worked: now the Note8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are sold as much as the iPhone . The time has already passed and no one remembers the previous models.

Samsung is comfortable in the trial : they know they are guilty and only hope to get as small an economic compensation as possible to make them more profitable. But of course they have earned more than 1 billion dollars. In addition, fans of Apple and Samsung see it almost as a Barça - Madrid match, and defend their "team". They can be allowed to enter the mud.

Also we can not forget one detail: Samsung is part of the supply chain of Apple iPhone . Come on, that every time you buy an iPhone, a small part of that money goes to Samsung. Both are needed, or at least until Apple gets LG to manufacture its screens and can be independent . In the end, Samsung is not only its biggest rival, it also has a precedent stealing designs ... something that does not inspire much confidence for a manufacturer.

Apple could have continued to open more patent cases, but seems to have settled for closing trials pending, it is a matter of moving forward and get rid of Samsung as soon as possible .

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