The brutal zasca of Google to Apple during the presentation of the Google Pixel 2 -


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Friday, 6 October 2017

The brutal zasca of Google to Apple during the presentation of the Google Pixel 2

The war between Samsung and Apple is well known, however they have almost the decade of existence of the iPhone in the courts by subject of patents. However, many other companies seem to have taken a liking to mockery and even to break the law and copy roughly, as in the case of OnePlus and its astonishingly shameful resemblance to the iPhone 7 . Since yesterday, Apple has a new enemy: Google .

Because yesterday, during the presentation of the Google Pixel 2, the Mountain View pulled the subtle irony and ruthless criticism without even cutting back when naming Apple and its iPhone for several moments.

For example, while listing the long list of features that includes the Google Pixel 2, mentioned Active Edge, which consists of squeezing the terminal to invoke the Google virtual assistant and quickly access some applications. Of course, this function would be available in both the standard and XL versions . At that moment, Mario Queiroz took to throw a dart at the Cupertino:

    Feel free to choose the size of the Pixel you want, because you will have a great experience in both. We do not reserve the best features for the larger devices. 

After two seconds of silence, laughter of the assistant staff. Ouch, straight to Apple's jaw . A little reason, right?

Let's face it, Apple has been doing it for a long time : if you're a photographic lover and want to enjoy the dual camera, you have no choice but to opt for the Plus models of the iPhone, even if you do not want to carry such a large terminal. However, Google does not happen: you can have the best and fit in your pocket.

Obviously, Google plays its weapons and has to try to convince its audience , something that will cost more in the Android ecosystem than Apple needs to get their sales, however, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi ... have already demonstrated the quality of their terminals. It's not easy to get a dent in the Apple operating system market.

Also, do you imagine the prices of the iPhone if they both had a dual camera? We imagine that Apple will conduct its own market studies and will have very clear these strategies to optimize both launches.

Via | BGR 

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