The delay of the iPhone X also benefits the 8 Plus -


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Saturday, 7 October 2017

The delay of the iPhone X also benefits the 8 Plus

With the introduction of the new Apple products last September 12, we were many who thought that the iPhone 8 had been completely eclipsed . That its technical characteristics would not make this great phone to get the sales that it really deserved. When the launch came, they did not improve our expectations too much, in fact, they got worse just by seeing the queues so small that they were formed to acquire the phone.

And, honestly, we all hope that is not true. Because, really, the differences that exist between the iPhone 8 and the X are not so great as to make this happen . While it is true that the iPhone X enters our eyes, it is important to remember that it has a price that not everyone can afford. For that reason, we still hoped that the iPhone 8 would be able to live up to this tenth generation. And it may still be time to be saved.

The Apple "supercycle" will be delayed a bit, but the iPhone 8 will have the sales it deserves 

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the renowned analyst of the firm KGI Securities that we have been giving so many joys these past few months, the iPhone 8 Plus could have a better quarter than expected. The delays that have suffered the iPhone X and that will presumably suffer until 2018, will allow the iPhone 8 Plus to become the best option for many . In fact, in some cases it will be the only one, at least, if you want a phone with a large screen.

In our opinion, and having seen how the iPhone 8 Plus behaves , the truth is that we could not rejoice this news. This way, many people will discover that the iPhone 8 Plus is not just not just any phone, it is one of the best choices that can be made today. The problem is, that Apple, will have to wait a little longer for its most important period of the year, the "supercycle". Of course, they can get out of the way.

And you, have you already bought an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

Via | 9to5Mac 

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