The first iPhone X has already been sent -


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Monday, 30 October 2017

The first iPhone X has already been sent

The first iPhone X orders were sent to customers this Saturday and will be in the hands of their customers on the promised delivery date on Friday, November 3 , which is the official release for the device.

Apple has not updated the order status of " Preparing your shipment " and will not do so until the end of this week when the packages start arriving in their destination countries , but the shipment of the iPhone X through UPS in the United States They are in transit and you can continue to use a UPS My Choice account or the reference number on the UPS website.

The pre-orders for the iPhone X began on Friday, October 27 at 09:01 a.m. Spanish time, and orders scheduled with delivery for Friday, November 3, moved to the preparation for shipment later that day, and customers began to see the charges on their credit cards.

At this point, the iPhone X's stocking supplies are exhausted and that's how they are from 10 minutes after opening . The current delivery estimates for the iPhone X arrive at 5 to 6 weeks, so many devices will not arrive until the end of November and December. Apple is working to send its star models as fast as possible so some customers have already seen their delivery dates improve.

Although it is no longer possible to pre-order an iPhone X for delivery on the day of release, Apple will have iPhone X models in stock in stores on November 3, so there is still an opportunity to get an device without a long wait. Customers who want to do so already know what they are up to, a long line and queue up at least 3 days before.

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