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Saturday, 28 October 2017

The iPad 3rd generation will be obsolete this month, goodbye iPad 3!

That's right, the third-generation iPad will be obsolete this month. But when we say "it will be obsolete" we mean that Apple will declare it as such. Officially this model of iPad can not continue to update the new versions of iOS 11 , but now it can not be repaired in the associated stores and suppliers of Apple.

Apple will add the third generation of iPad models to its list of vintage and obsolete products on October 31, 2017 . We have been able to discover this news thanks to a report distributed to the Authorized Service Providers by Apple.

Both the Wi-Fi and Cellular models of the third generation iPad will be classified as obsolete internationally, except in the state of California and in Turkey due to the laws established in those regions.

Goodbye iPad 3!

We say goodbye to the third generation iPad, also known as iPad 3 and "the new iPad". And next to him, we also say goodbye to the 30-pin connector.

Suppliers will not repair more units and Apple Stores will not receive services either, as it has been 5 years since this iPad was manufactured . The extended period of coverage will end in October 2019.

Apple introduced, launched and commercialized the third generation of the iPad in March 2012 . The company announced it as "the new iPad" but today we have much more advanced models. From the "Air" line to the "Pro" models.

The iPad 3 was the latest model of the iPad to have a 30-pin connector for charging and synchronizing with iTunes. It was replaced only 7 months later by the fourth generation iPad , which had a USB Lightning connector.

The third generation iPad will join the original iPad in the list of vintage and obsolete Apple products. The iPad 2 has not yet received this "privilege" since it remained in the line of Apple tablets as a "low-cost" option until 2014 .

Source | Macrumors

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