The iPhone 7 is the phone to buy this year: good, nice and cheap -


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Saturday, 7 October 2017

The iPhone 7 is the phone to buy this year: good, nice and cheap

Forget for a moment the iPhone X and the brilliant device of Google, the Pixel 2, because this is the best offer I can remember having seen the great iPhone 7. A real bargain that is difficult to resist and that you should take into account if you are about to change phones .

That is an objective small amount of money to spend on a phone that is very capable and not at all outdated. With iOS 11 loaded, it is unlikely that you can notice many differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. And to tell you the truth, the iPhone 7 is a great terminal with full force and which has enough travel .

In practical terms, the big differences between the iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 8 are mostly internal. The iPhone 8 has a faster processor , the bionic A11 , the camera more advanced, and has a point in favor that is the wireless charge. The iPhone 7 also has a metal back as the iPhone 8 has a prettier, but much more fragile, back glass.

If you are weighing the options between a new or renewed iPhone 7, the only big difference is going to be the warranty and the price. A new iPhone 7 at that price at the moment is to keep it in mind . Do not hesitate to launch it for him if the iPhone 8 does not call you too much attention and the iPhone X is out of your sights.

We recall that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were introduced by Apple in the keynote that was held on September 7, 2016 in San Francisco. The iPhone 7 has 2 Gb of RAM, 4.7 inch screen, a base capacity of 32 GB, rear camera of 12 MP and has the A10 chip, which moves perfectly to the iOS 11 in force .

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