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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The iPhone 8 should have been called iPhone 7s

Apple has killed the S models of its line of mobile phones, has it really been the right decision? Earlier we told you that the current iPhone 8 is having worse sales than any iPhone with the suffix "S" that has ever existed , but is it the "S" fault or is there something else?

If we think of the "S" models that have always been released year after year, the iPhone 8 is a strange experiment. IPhone "S" models have always been exactly the same as their predecessors , at least on their body, unlike the iPhone 8, which is made entirely of reinforced glass. Speaking of course, the iPhone 8 has more than 8 than 7s, as this does not keep the same body of the iPhone 7 even though they have a design clearly the same.

So ... Should it have been called iPhone 7s? 

Surely it would have been a mistake. We are talking about a strange moment in the history of Apple, since this year has not released a terminal or two of different sizes, this year counting the iPhone 8 Plus we will have 3 different iPhones to choose and one of them very different from the previous generation , of course we are talking about the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the reason at all, that is, because of this new model, the iPhone 8 is not called iPhone 7s and because of the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 has sold less than any iPhone "S" in the same period of time. If Apple has decided to lower production of the iPhone 8 just before the launch of the future model , it may have something to do with the sales that prevent to do with this future model. 

The iPhone X is surely the most desired terminal in recent years, Apple's touch that makes it something totally new and desired is there : a "new" screen from corner to corner and a replacement of the fingerprint reader they introduced which will be even more secure than the Touch ID. Of course, people have reason to wait and buy the iPhone X before the iPhone 8 and this may be another reason to explain their exorbitant price.

Be that as it may and from the point of view of a humble editor, it seems that Apple has the ground prepared to sell his iPhone X in large quantities . Despite its delayed release and its identical internal components, the iPhone X has a much brighter future than the current iPhone 8, and perhaps it is what Apple had planned.

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