The iPhone 9 will be an iPhone X but at a much more affordable price -


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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The iPhone 9 will be an iPhone X but at a much more affordable price

The latest rumors about the iPhone 9 of 2018 suggest that the apple bite company will incorporate the same features, features and features of the iPhone X but at a much more affordable price for the consumer.

The iPhone X of the tenth anniversary is the most spectacular smartphone that Apple has created to date. But its base price of € 1,159 makes it a terminal too expensive to convince users when it comes to updating their mobile devices.

Details on the technology that Apple will implement on the iPhone 9 are unknown, but most likely the terminal will have Face ID, Animojis, wireless charging, OLED display and a design without side bezels and without physical Home button.

The iPhone 9 of 2018 is designed under the key names "Lisbon" and "Hangzhou"

The iPhone X has not yet hit the market, it will early next month. Specifically, it will be available from 3 November . Although it is not yet on sale, the bite apple company is already beginning the design, engineering and i + d process of the iPhone 9 .

As we know from the rumors, Apple is developing an iPhone under the code "Lisbon" and another iPhone under the code "Hangzhou" citing some of the suppliers in the company's supply chain.

According to predictions, it is estimated that the iPhone 9 is up to € 100 cheaper than the iPhone X. It is true that is not a big difference, but the technology advances and Apple could afford to lower the price of their smartphones even more . Although, obviously, this will depend on how the iPhone X sales go.

Now, we still have to find out what the next-gen smartphone's nomenclature will be . While some analysts think it will be called iPhone 9, others claim it will be the iPhone 11. But other possible names might be: iPhone 8s, iPhone X2, iPhone XI, iPhone, iPhone 2018, iPhone SE 2 ... Who knows!

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