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Sunday, 15 October 2017

The iPhone accessory that Steve Jobs would hate

More than ten years ago, a certain Steve Jobs announced that he would launch a phone for which it would not be necessary to use a stylus. And, as you will remember many, the fashion of PDA and DS had done much damage to the image of touch screens with its resistive technology . Right now, it is almost impossible to see on a mobile device a similar screen, and all thanks to the iPhone, this year's phone will celebrate its tenth anniversary with the iPhone X.

However, time passed, and many creatives required new tools with which to work in a more precise way . The finger was a comfortable method, but it was useless when you wanted to make strokes or make notes with some sense. In this way, came the pointers, which were evolving until achieving an essential for many. Thanks to these, the Galaxy Note managed to achieve success, and later, Apple would follow in the footsteps of Samsung ... In a way.

In 2019, the iPhone will finally have its own stylus 

Taking advantage of the fame of its range of tablets, and the need they had to deal with convertibles, Apple decided to launch the iPad Pro, and with it, the Apple Pencil. A digital pen that, even now, remains one of the most advanced in its class. However, the iPhone was behind , and although two years ago since the launch of the first iPad Pro, there seems to be a change, despite the patents that were published from Apple.

Now, from the Korea Herald, certain industry sources say that Apple might be considering bringing the iPhone an accessory similar to the Apple Pencil , but that would work without the need for the screen of the phone specifically. This new thing would arrive in 2019, and the company is already talking to different specialized companies to be able to bring it on time. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

And you, are you already thinking about what you could do with a technology like this?

Via | Mashable 

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