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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The iPhone, spy-proof

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation was unable to retrieve data from 6900 mobile devices that it attempted to access over the past 11 months, reports the Associated Press. FBI Director Christopher Wray shared the issue at an annual conference for the International Association of Chiefs of Police on Sunday.

During the first 11 months of the current fiscal year, Wray says the 6900 devices that were inaccessible accounted for half of the total devices the FBI attempted to recover data from. Wray said the FBI's inability to get into devices is a " huge, big problem ."

" To put it mildly, this is a big problem, " said Wray. "It affects research in all areas: drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, gangs, organized crime, child exploitation ."

Wray did not specify the characteristics of the 6900 devices that the FBI could not access, whether they were iPhones or iPads and with what version of the iOS operating system they had, but encryption has been a problem between Apple and the FBI since last year when the two collided by unlocking an iPhone 5C owned by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the December 2015 attacks in San Bernardino.

The FBI brought Apple to court in an attempt to force Apple to create an iOS version that would disable security features of access codes and allow access to access codes electronically, giving the FBI the tools to hack the device .

Apple refused and fought against the court order, claiming the FBI's request could set a "dangerous precedent" with serious implications for the future of smartphone encryption. Finally, Apple did not capitulate and the FBI recruited the Israeli company Cellebrite to decrypt the device. This company unlocked the iPhone 6 by Diana Quer .

Following the incident, there was a push for new encryption legislation, but largely faded after it was described by technology companies as "absurd" and "technically inept." However, Apple's fight with the FBI is far from over , as there was no final resolution after the San Bernardino dispute.

At the conclusion of the FBI complaint, Apple said the case " should never have been filed " and pledged to continue to increase the safety of its products .

" Apple deeply believes that people in the United States and around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. Sacrificing one or the other only puts people and countries at greater risk , "Apple said in a statement.

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