The iPhone wins the battle of time to the Galaxy -


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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The iPhone wins the battle of time to the Galaxy

No matter what generation we talk we will always make something clear: iPhone hardly revalued . Their prices are low and can be considered as an investment. With the arrival of the new iPhone 8 we have again witnessed this fact, in the editorial staff we have been commenting how we could sell our iPhone 7 and recover much of the expense.

On the other hand we see how the rest of companies can not maintain the price of their products , that although in their web pages they have the same price of launching in the rest of stores their prices go down to speeds that can get us to frighten.

The iPhone 7 Plus wins the price battle with the Samsung Galaxy S8

While it is true that we can find pages where to buy cheap iPhone , at prices that may surprise us. Cheaper still we can get the high range of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 has already dropped from 600 euros in most stores, while the iPhone 7 exceeds 700 euros in most stores - not all.

This is a harsh reality for Samsung , but for everything there is an explanation. The large number of devices launched every year - high ranges - make it very competitive in the market and prices fluctuate fast. For their part, those of Cupertino do not face that problem, they do not have competition that integrates its same software.

The iPhone, the jewel of technology

The iPhone can be seen as a "jewel" , a unique piece that is in the hands of its creator: Apple. It is the only company that can decide their prices and adjust them as they want. Obviously, many stores will lower the price of their iPhone when they do not give them output, but the decline will be much lower than the one suffered by the Samsung Galaxy S8: more than 200 euros in 6 months - if you buy with some company can get you for less of 400 euros-.

Recall that the iPhone 7 Plus has been a year in the market and its value has barely fallen , even in the second hand. This further strengthens its "jewel", nor the passage of time can with an iPhone - if it is well taken care of, of course.

Apple has known how to engineer and managed to handle the ropes of consumers . If you want an iPhone - you'll love it - you can only do it your way. With this tactic little remains to be said by the consumer: either accept the rules of the game or do not have an iPhone.

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