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Monday, 23 October 2017

The iPhone X, the definitive travel companion

The iPhone X will surely become the best iPhone to date. Apple has put a lot of dedication in designing this new terminal , has even sought a substitute to the Touch ID more secure if possible , that yes, this substitute may be one of the many reasons for the high price of the terminal.

This iPhone has certain features that make it without doubt the best phone you can have to go on the road - whenever you put it in a good case and you have it always guarded so that it is not stolen - and if you have not decided yet make yourself with one on your release, maybe this will make you decide.

An awesome camera 

The cameras are dead, or at least those that are not smartphone. We already surprised Apple with its new camera on the iPhone 8 Plus , but from what we understand, it is possible that the camera of the terminal does not reach even the shoe sole that incorporates the new iPhone X. They have the same resolution, yes, but the double image stabilizer and the larger overture can be a key point.

Not to mention its front camera, which will also be able to take captures in portrait mode with a resolution of 7 megapixels, including of course the studio lighting we already saw on the iPhone 8 Plus . Not only that, we find a function so curious, innovative, beautiful and little necessary that surely many people decide to buy the iPhone X just for this: Animojis .

Improved resistance 

IPhones have never been too tough, surely the toughest we can find in all its range is the original model: the iPhone 2G. However, this iPhone X has great improvements in design that can turn it into a terminal somewhat more resistant than the previous ones. It incorporates an ultra hard glass body and stainless steel, much like the higher quality models of Apple Watch.

Face ID 

A biometric security scanner, just like we could see in any science fiction movie and similar to the one we have in the Samsung Galaxy Note8, with a major difference: this does block access to your phone . Use the two front cameras, real-time 3D rendering and infrared technology to detect your face and identify your facial features. It is even able to detect your vital signs, changes in your appearance or grimaces on the face. Undoubtedly, amazing.

And I do not think it necessary to say it, but it works in the dark and it is impossible to unlock it while you sleep , that is, someone unlock it against your will while you are in the envelope. This is because the Face ID will not react in any way unless you look directly , just as you will be able to hide all your notifications whenever you do not look at it.

Brighter, clearer screen 

The screen of the new iPhone X is monstrous. A corner-to-corner OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen. With this OLED technology, each pixel is able to produce its own illumination, the opposite of an LCD screen which is illuminated with an LED backlight. The result: bright, bright and looks good from any angle.

From the point of view of a traveler, this screen will allow us to make a long and monotonous flight much more pleasant without any complication . In addition, the True Tone technology that will incorporate this device will make the reading with this is practically how to read from a paper, since it will be able to balance its colors and its brightness to make it look as much as possible to a sheet of paper. 

The iPhone X feels like the future. So much technology together and running in harmony on such a small piece of hardware, make this iPhone really does feel like the next generation of Apple phones we longed for . Undoubtedly we can expect a good operation of this in our travels, the photos that we take with his impressive camera during the trip will remain completely safe thanks to his Face ID, which will protect your data from any possible attempted theft, and the durability of the terminal will avoid any discomfort from wear or overuse. It will even save us scares if we jump into the water with his device in his pocket!

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