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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The iPhone X has a function as secret as useful

Apple is not happy. That's right, Apple has come across the harsh reality , iOS 11 has appeared with an excessive amount of errors even after having spent several months in beta state, there have also been problems with several iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus batteries . To top it off, the iPhone X does not have enough stock to cover all the demand. Undoubtedly, difficult times for the giant of cupertino.

In spite of all these problems, the company continues to strive to surprise us again and again . Maybe the iPhone X will not get to our hands when we wait , but has revealed a new secret on this phone that will increase your disappointment if you do not get the terminal in time, that way we are telling you evil.

The Secret of the iPhone X 

Apparently and according to PhoneArena , the new facial recognition system that includes this iPhone X does something important, which for many could be a decisive point when buying the device. This incredible Apple terminal protects your privacy every time someone takes a look at you .

In practice, this means that your Face ID actively scans the face of each person looking at the phone . If you, as a consumer, take a look at your phone, you will see all the details of the notifications that have arrived and that appear in the screen of unlocking. If you are not authorized, that is, you are not the owner of the phone, Face ID will detect it and only show the notifications, but not the texts nor the details of these . 

To give an example and to confirm your surprise and expectation: if you have notifications of Facebook and an eMail and look at the iPhone X, Face ID will know that it is you and will let you see that "Tía Mari" has published an image of his last meal with the family on Facebook and that your boss has sent you an eMail, also showing you some of the content of this .

I'm as surprised as you, this is the future! Literally the phone will know if we are using it. No more coy girlfriends or spontaneous nosy , your privacy will be more protected than ever and all thanks to Face ID of iPhone X.

Will you buy the new iPhone X? Did you surprise this new exclusive function of this terminal? Leave it in the comments!

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