The iPhone X is not racist and this is the reason -


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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The iPhone X is not racist and this is the reason

The requirements that we are going to tell you today may surprise you, but algorithms and Artificial Intelligence encourage racism, homophobia and machismo . Why? Basically, because neural networks are trained for months and learn based on statistics, so it can happen if for example you see someone in The Kitchen, assume that you are a woman, simply because you have seen more cases like this. And what happens? They contribute to the promotion of discrimination.

So it's logical and normal that Apple has taken care to make sure that Face ID treats everyone equally , however, will be the only way to unlock the iPhone X when it goes on sale in just 2 weeks. After all, nobody wants it to happen like when Google Photos labeled two people of color as "gorillas . "

To date, the Face ID had attracted all eyes for security and even US Senator Al Franken had put the issue on the table: What does Apple do to protect us against racial discrimination, gender or age in Face ID ?

So Apple has responded to call for calm: Face ID is incredibly accurate , so Apple trained the neural network with diversity of people from around the world during the training phase. The explanation of Cupertino is:

    The accessibility of the product of people of diverse races and ethnicities is very important. Face ID uses neural networks developed by us on billions of images whose participants gave their consent. We work with people from around the world to make the sample representative based on age, gender, ethnicity and other factors. We extended the study to a high level of accuracy. In addition, it is a neural network that is trained to avoid deception.

In any case, the time of truth will arrive on November 3 , when millions of customers have it in their hands. True Depth cameras will then demonstrate not only that they are well taught but can detect changes in a person, work in the dark, etc.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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