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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The iPhone X screen will be a nightmare for your apps

The spectacular OLED screen of the iPhone X that covers the entire front of the device will make everything look impressive. Sharper colors, darker blacks, more tone accuracy, higher saturation, lower reflectance, bigger videos ...

But the truth is that many of your favorite applications will be fatal when you start using your new iPhone X. And this, coupled with the annoyance of the FaceTime camera 3D sensor framework on the user interface, carries a serious problem.

This photograph of an iPhone X shows the problem of the new Apple smartphone when it makes its debut next month. It has black bars at the top and bottom, because the application is not adapted to the size of the smartphone screen.

What is the problem?

The problem is that the OLED screen of the iPhone X, in addition to being larger, uses a new aspect radio. Since the iPhone 5, Apple has been using 16: 9 displays. But the iPhone X will change to 18.5: 9 . It is one of the longest screens, even more than the Galaxy S8.

Applications can be automatically extended to use as much space as possible, but will not fill the iPhone X screen completely.

Fortunately, the problem has a solution. Apple encountered the same problem when it launched the iPhone 5 to the market. By then, the smartphone had a much larger screen than its predecessors. The solution is simple, developers should update their applications to adapt them to the iPhone's Super Retina HD screen .

In fact, many developers are implementing the changes right now, as you read this article. Most likely, the most popular applications will be optimized on November 3 when the iPhone X is released . But many of your favorite apps will not be compatible with your large OLED screen.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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