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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The iPhone X turns Android into an antiquity

The arrival of the next iPhone will be a major change in Apple's smartphone line. With its completely redesigned design, the iPhone X will demonstrate that the Cupertino company continues to lead the way in this ever-changing industry. However, the one that right now might not live up to its competitors is its rival operating system, Android, which seems to take a little bit to reach a level similar to that of the new iPhone .

According to recent reports by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would have reached such a technological level with certain components of the phone, such as the TrueDepth sensor, which would be far above all competition . As you know, this sensor is responsible for giving the iPhone capabilities like Animojis, or the new security method of the iPhone X, Face ID, as well as effects like the Portrait Lightning for the front camera.

Apple is getting too far ahead, and may not be good for anyone

This sensor, which is so complicated to produce, would be up to two and a half years ahead of manufacturers like Google and Samsung . Although the latter does not seem to care much, considering the amount of money that will receive with each iPhone X sold. For all this, it would be very rare that they could match Apple this coming year, as some have already dared to predict.

Of course, the truth is, that such innovation is going to get quite expensive to consumers. We just have to see the prices that have reached the iPhone X and think that, over the years, do not usually come down precisely, but quite the opposite. With what we should start to consider if it is really worth it . If it really is necessary to fall into the game of being marks, and allow them to keep raising them without control. I wish I could buy an iPhone X, because I think the next one will make it even harder.

Via | MacRumors

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