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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The iPhone X will arrive late and in limited quantities

At this point, it is completely normal for us to be nervous about the release of the iPhone X. At this point, there is a month left to finally come to the sale, and there are already many who are predicting a really absurd success for the new phone from Apple , in the sense that it does not seem to cost what we will have to pay in November. However, not everything will be a world of light and color for the company responsible for this new revolution in telephony.

The iPhone X is a truly innovative phone that has managed to eclipse its own generation partners, leaving them with a somewhat questionable future in terms of sales. For Apple, and for the rest of the world, the X is the one that will make a difference , especially for those who are eagerly anticipating the quarterly results for the Californian company. But, there is one important problem that they have not managed to solve, and that will take time to solve.

Prepare for the launch in advance, because the iPhone X will fly

As we have already informed you, the iPhone X has certain components that are the first in the industry. For this reason, the task of bringing the iPhone X to the stores has become an especially complicated task . Anyway, it seemed that the space that the manufacturer left between iPhone 8 and X would be enough to solve all these difficulties. Now, we find that will not happen.

The iPhone X will not only be late to meet with its future users, but also will arrive in especially limited quantities. Due to the complexity of the TrueDepth sensor, according to KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo estimates, only 40 or 30 million units could be offered for sale, a particularly low number if we consider that this is possibly the launch most anticipated iPhone history. We will have to see how it behaves in November.

Via | AppleInsider

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