The iPhone X will be Apple's most successful mobile ever -


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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The iPhone X will be Apple's most successful mobile ever

This year, we were all clear that Apple would go for it all. After a few years of relative innovation shortages, it was time to turn the main line of products needed. The iPhone X is the phone that will usher in a new era in design at Apple, the phone that will set the tone next year, although competitors like Huawei say otherwise. This generation of the iPhone, will be the most successful in the history of the line.

At least, that's what some market analysis firms indicate. Thanks to sales of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, Apple will be able to surpass the numbers of the past generations. All this taking into account that the iPhone 8 has been burdened by the expectation of the iPhone X, as we have already explained in other articles. He might even have had less sales than his predecessor , the iPhone 7.

2018 could be a particularly good year for Apple 

GBH Insights has indicated to CNBC that they are especially hopeful about Apple's performance and its actions in the coming year. According to them, the iPhone X is the strongest generation that Apple has released to date, and so, they expect to make a difference with respect to previous years. Regarding the possible delays, they comment that although it is possible that the users do not make the jump so quickly, with the time will have especially good results.

According to the same source, it is estimated that there are about 350 million users with an iPhone that reaches two years of use, a golden opportunity for Apple to make the next fiscal year excellent for all its investors. Of course, we must not forget that Apple will have to fight harder than ever to maintain its position in the market, since Huawei is on the heels , it will be necessary to see if with this super-cycle it obtains it.

Source | CNBC 

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