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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The iPhone X will help Apple set a new sales record

The reserves of the future iPhone X will open in a few days and of course, the excitement grows over the new generation of Apple terminals. On the other hand, we will market a very small amount of iPhone X compared to what we have seen in previous years, but Apple assures us that from November 3 will be able to be bought in the same stores. Personally I doubt about the amount of iPhones that will go on sale in stores on day 3.

Another problem that involves the iPhone X is uncertainty, no one knows whether it will be a success or an absolute failure. Many analysts maintain that the iPhone X will set a new record for sales in the history of the iPhone for 2018, others are not so optimistic about expectations and believe the terminal is overrated.

iPhone X, the best seller ever

The Morgan Stanley page has stated that sales of the iPhone X will be really good. In addition, he added that throughout 2018 can be expected to be sold really well . Analysts at Morgan Stanley say they can expect around 262 million shipments of handsets with high demand from those who are going to update their iPhone 6. It should be noted that the current record annual sales of the iPhone was 231.2 millions.

Another interesting and not too surprising point is that the number of users with an old iPhone in the market to get a new device is higher than ever . This demand with the help of the new iPhone X can make the difference and a new sales record.

But demand is no use if Apple is not able to supply all the stores and deals . The low number of iPhone X that will be released may be a stone in the way of this great terminal, however it is believed that the manufacture of iPhone X will increase considerably by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

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