The latest iPhone X video shows all your design issues using apps -


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Monday, 23 October 2017

The latest iPhone X video shows all your design issues using apps

This week we will be able to reserve our iPhone X and around the corner and we will have it at home, yes, in limited quantities. However, some lucky ones are still uploading photos and videos of the Apple flagship live and live . The last of them all? A video of 10 seconds of Reddit of this weekend with a beautiful terminal silver color. Wonderful!

We are anxious to have it in the hands and not for less , have you seen what impression produces that screen that covers the entire front? It is simply spectacular. Another thing is the use with non-native apps, just observe an application as used as Instagram with its characteristic notch.

The design of the front of the iPhone X, a serious problem for developers

We've been complaining about what the UI looks like and the truth, there's work to be done . However, surely the third-party apps will adapt for the iPhone X and its peculiar design.

As one of Reddit users comments after watching the video:

    I've been developing apps for iPhone 8 years. Testing my app on the iPhone X causes me several problems in vertical and one million in landscape (horizontal). Even if you do everything as Apple wants, there are always problems. The area on iOS 11 is completely different. The first day with the iPhone X many users will have problems with the apps.

Apple has been using the same design since 2014 and that will be noticed at the beginning. In any case, it is still a mobile that is called to mark a before and after in sales and that will change the way of the design in iPhone, so that there is no doubt that the developers will put the batteries to adapt it , that costs.

What do you think about it?

Via | BGR 

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