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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The next iPad Pro could have Face ID

It is clear that Apple's commitment to facial recognition is not the one that has liked the public more precisely. We were all hoping that for the iPhone X they could have solved the problem they had in order to implant the fingerprint sensor under the screen, however, in the end we were disappointed . Not only will not launch in this new iPhone, but also seems to have changed the trend throughout the industry .

Many manufacturers have stopped thinking about methods to improve fingerprint recognition technology to fully engage in facial recognition. And all because Apple has decided to recover it with Face ID, when we thought it would never come back to our lives after its disastrous appearance on Android. And we can forget that they change their minds, because it seems that they already intend to implant it in the new generation of the iPad Pro.

It could come with a major redesign for the iPad 

As Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities tells us, one of the most relevant analytical firms in recent months thanks to its predictions about the iPhone X, the iPad could incorporate Face ID next year . Alongside it, other secondary functions like the Animojis would also be integrated thanks to the technology of the sensor TrueDepth. In addition, this may mean that the next generation will undergo a redesign similar to the iPhone X.

If these rumors are met, we could have the first iPad without frames , which would be really attractive for many. Of course, it would be the closest thing to being in a typical futuristic film where it seems that instead of tablets you are picking up pieces of glass. To know, we will have to wait for the event that would predictably prepare Apple dedicated to this new models, or in a conference like the WWDC. Anyway, we still have 2017 to take advantage, so let's go without haste.

And you, would you buy an iPad with Face ID instead of Touch ID?

Via | The Verge 

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