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Monday, 23 October 2017

The operators with the best coverage in Spain

The advantages of being connected to a good network are endless. You will never be able to discover all the possibilities offered by having the best connectivity, and is that the difference that can mark in any app that requires constant internet can be really remarkable. Therefore, from iPadizate we think it is important that you know which is the operator that offers a higher quality network , so that apps like WhatsApp, which prepares group calls , do not suffer from a bad connection.

This quality study has been carried out by the OCU , and thanks to the collaboration of more than 6,000 users who, voluntarily, have decided to download the CoberApp app to help. Therefore, all the data come from the users themselves , and it is not a survey made by the operators themselves, something to take very into account. For both the good and the bad, though personally, I find it difficult to see some disadvantage.

Vodafone wins first place with Movistar just behind 

According to the study, created with data collected from June 15, 2016 to June 15, 2017, all operators still have a way to go in regards to the implementation of 4G networks. However, not all are equally far from covering all of Spain. In the first place, with 71% of territory with 4G coverage , Vodafone is located. In addition, the British operator is not only the main operator, but also as a network.

Next, we have the main operator of Spain, Movistar, which covers 66% of the territory with its 4G network, in addition to being the second in quality according to the ranking of the study. From behind, we have Orange, and Yoigo / MasMóvil, respectively. In the latter case, it must be taken into account that the company maintains agreements to share the network of other operators, the problem is that its network is not especially good, compared to its competition.

The question is, is it really worth attending to this type of studies? Not only must you consider the quality of the network, but you must also look for an offer that is truly worthwhile. Because you can get the best network in Spain, but have the worst market prices. In short, try to keep everything in mind when looking for your operator, because the new iPhone X and you will be quite expensive on its own.

Source | OCU 

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